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Can Ovarian Cysts Cause Infertility?


Ovarian cysts are common among women these days. It has been observed that up to 18% of women may experience ovarian cysts in their lifetime. Most ovarian cysts don’t need to be addressed. Only a few require surgical intervention. There are genuine concerns about the relationship between an ovarian cyst and the Infertility of a woman. Can ovarian cysts cause…

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What is IVF Embryo Transfer, Pregnancy Rates, and Delivery Rates?

Embryo Transfer orion ivf treatment center wakad

(IVF Treatment) The final stage of the in vitro fertilization procedure is embryo transfer. It is an extremely vital procedure. No matter how wonderful the IVF laboratory culture environment is, a badly executed embryo transfer could ruin everything. The entire fertility treatment (IVF cycle) is reliant on embryos being precisely positioned around the center of the endometrial cavity with very…

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Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH)

By Dr.Parag Hitnalikar Hello! Today I would like to discuss AMH or the Anti-Mullerian hormone with you. Alright! Let us first clarify what Anti-Mullerian Hormone is. It is a naturally occurring chemical structure in our bodies, which is a protein generated by cells in your ovarian follicles. A high level of AMH suggests that you have a lot of egg-containing follicles, which…

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What is the right age for IVF?

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As men and women continue to experience serious infertility challenges throughout the world, modern times have seen the unexpected emergence of a myriad of infertility instances. Infertility difficulties affect males just as much as they do women. As a result, couples have the choice of choosing several forms of fertility treatment based on their individual infertility problem. Whereas most women…

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