Infertility is described as attempting to become pregnant (with regular intercourse) without any results for at minimum one year.


A menstruation that is too long (thirty-five days or more), too short(less than twenty-one days), irregular or absent may indicate you are not ovulating.


In order for becoming pregnant all of these criteria are important:

1.You have to ovulate- To become pregnant, an egg must be produced and released by your ovaries, a phenomenon is known as ovulation. The gynecologist will be able to help you determine the menstruation and acknowledge ovulation.

2.Your gynaecologist can conduct a few basic tests to assess your spouse’s sperm performance.

3.You ought to have intimacy regularly- Through your fertile period you will have daily intercourse. Your gynaecologist can help you understand this well when you are most productive.

4.You must have a healthy uterus and an open Fallopian tube- In Fallopian
the egg and sperm and the embryo requires a healthy uterus to develop in.

In order for pregnancy to happen each stage of the cycle of sexual reproduction must happen appropriately. The procedural stages are:

i. One of its two ovaries gives off a healthy egg.
ii. Egg is taken out in fallopian tube.
iii. Sperm float up the to enter the egg for implantation, via the uterus and into the
Fallopian tube.
iv. The fertilized egg passes down to the uterus through the Fallopian tube.
v. Develops in the uterus.

For women this cycle can be interrupted by a variety of reasons at every stage. The infertility of a woman is by the following reasons mention under.

Ovulation Disorders .

Issues with the hypothalamus or pituitary gland controlling reproductive hormones, in the ovary, may induce ovulation disorders. Polycystic ovarian (PCOS) syndrome, hypothalamic dysfunction, premature ovarian failure, too much prolactin

2.Harm to fallopian tubes.

Harm to fallopian tubes. Damaged or jammed fallopian tubes prevent sperm from entering the egg or obstruct the movement of the fertilized egg into the uterus.


Endometriosis arises when tissue that usually develops in the then develops elsewhere. The increased growth of the tissue— and its surgical intervention— can cause scarring, which can obstruct fallopian tubes and prevent an unifying of an egg and sperm.

4.Uterine or cervical causes.

Multiple uterine or cervical conditions can affect fertility by interacting with insertion or raising the probability of miscarries.

5.Unexplained infertility.

Even though it is disappointing not to get a clear response, over time this problem will fix itself. No, you shouldn’t miss infertility treatment.
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  1. Up to 35 years of age, many gynaecologist recommend attempting to get pregnant at minimum a year before screening or care.
  2. If you are between 35 and 40, after six months of trying address your issues with your gynaecologist.
  3. When you are older than 40, your gynaecologist may want to start the immediate screening or care.

If you or your spouse has reported fertility issues or if you have a record of prolonged or unpleasant cycles, menstrual infectious disorder, multiple miscarriages, previous cancer diagnosis, or endometriosis, your gynecologist will still want to start tests or diagnosis immediately.

If you or your spouse has reported fertility issues or if you have a record of prolonged or unpleasant cycles, menstrual infectious disorder, multiple miscarriages, Then you should make an appointment with Orion IVF Clinic

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