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Thank you for taking the time to check out Orion Hospital! Feel free to spend some time looking at this page to see if embryo donation is right for you. But first, let’s take a brief look at what we do.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproduction technologies (ART) have been the solution to many families’ baby prayers at Orion IVF, which is now in its sixth year. Many biological parents freeze their embryos for later use. However, after those parents have completed having children, they have to consider what to do with their remaining embryos. Donating them to another infertile couple is becoming more common. It helps both the genetic and receiver families.

Embryo donation gives embryos a chance at life. It also allows the recipient mother to bear her adopted child and monitor the prenatal environment.

Although embryo donation is not for all — it does provide a chance for many people who have given up hope of ever having a child. The Orion Hospital, located in Wakad, Pune, one of the best IVF centers in Wakad — is a medically-directed organization that assists all embryo donors and recipients.

Consideration of embryo donation or adoption is a significant decision with both personal and financial implications. We encourage you to explore this page and find answers to all of your questions.

 What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is one method for participants of in vitro fertilization who have leftover fresh or frozen embryos. It is defined as the transfer of embryos from in vitro fertilization procedures to recipients for procreative implantation or research purposes. Most IVF patients who have extra embryos decide to donate them after they have completed their families or have discontinued using in vitro fertilization. Recipients of donor embryos usually intend to transfer fresh or frozen embryos into a prepared uterus to induce conception and childbirth. Embryos donated for research are usually used for clinical training, quality improvement studies, or human embryonic stem cell study.

The Donation Process

Embryo donation is a relatively recent method of family formation that has assisted many individuals in becoming parents. If you’re trying to start a family but it’s not working out, embryo donation might be a viable alternative. There is a lot to understand about the process and a lot to think about before making a decision. Orion Hospital, the best IVF clinic in Wakad, wishes to ensure that infertile women and men are well-aware of all facets of embryo donation as a family-building choice.

When a couple or person undergoes in-vitro fertilization treatment for infertility, any embryos that are not transferred during that period can be cryopreserved for use in a subsequent cycle. Although the vast majority of these frozen embryos are intended for use by the couples who developed them during IVF therapy periods, few could be available for donation to other infertile patients. Couples who are having difficulty starting a family can accept embryo donation as a viable alternative.

Our embryo donation service at Orion Hospital is a wonderful resource for our clients who have embryos left over from previous cycles. You can donate the embryos to another client who is unable to reproduce from their own gametes in this service. You have the chance to help another family achieve their goals by working together with our donation team.

The donation procedure is quite simple. You will have constant access to a member of our team from the moment you start. They will precisely and patiently describe each move so that you feel absolutely at ease.

To proceed, we recommend contacting our team and asking any preliminary questions you might have. We will give you a set of information, consent forms, and a questionnaire once we hear from you. The questionnaire will provide prospective embryo recipients with information about your health records as well as your social record.

We will carry you into the office to complete the necessary tests until the embryos have been selected and accepted. The process screens for infectious diseases and a few other guidelines that must be met to meet standards. Once completed, the recipient family will begin the process of transferring a frozen embryo.

The beauty of embryo donation is that it provides closure and fulfillment to the donor family while also providing resources for a recipient family in need. If you believe that the embryo donation service will enhance your experience at Orion Hospital, please do not hesitate to contact our team. They are prepared to lead you in our one-of-a-kind and loving process.

 Price of Embryo Donation

The cost of embryo donation at Orion IVF is lower than the cost of a standard IVF cycle. Have an appointment with us today to find out how much it would cost.

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