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It’s been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of couples may have called back their last possibility to conceive via IVF. For some, the shutdown means they may never be able to have a baby — that it was going to be their last chance, and they weren’t going to get it. That is very upsetting and traumatizing.

Is the fertility struggle even more difficult for you when you’re in lockdown? Do you see yourself going through this period of life, putting all of your energy into the potential issue loop? Do you have a problem with infertility? Maybe you’re fed up with getting fertility treatments cancelled or delayed. Maybe you’re feeling hopeless and trapped as if your pregnancy quest – and life – is on hold.

You Can Take Some Steps to Improve Your Fertility

Examine your weight –

Being either overweight or underweight could harm your fertility. Both are counterproductive, so make sure you’re in a healthy weight range.

Quit smoking –

Since smoking harms both male and female fertility, it is safer to avoid smoking while attempting to procreate.

Reduce alcohol consumption –

Spirits should be discouraged, and beer and lager should be consumed in moderation — no more than a few bottles per week. Two glasses of red wine a week will help your circulation, relieve stress, and regulate your hormones. However, limit yourself to no more than two glasses a week!

Reduce the use of painkillers –

Most people are unaware that widely used pain relievers may affect fertility. Pain relievers such as paracetamol, aspirin, and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and indomethacin can interact with male and female fertility. Acupuncture is very good in relieving pain which has no harmful side effects if you suffer from pain and need pain relief. To ease localized discomfort, you can also use topically applied gels or balms. However, in all circumstances, it is important to take medical advice from the doctor.

Stay fit –

Exercise, like anything else in life, is only beneficial when done in moderation. Exercising too little induces fatigue, discomfort, and illness while exercising too much will weaken the body and damage fertility by, for example, reducing the number of eggs a woman has available for fertility.

Do cardio workouts two to three days a week, as well as gentle exercises like yoga and Pilates.

Rest well –

We have surrounded ourselves with computers and gadgets, even getting addicted to them, as technology has evolved with the promise of making our lives simpler. Although technology has made our lives simpler in several ways, it has also made us less able to turn off our brains, which causes us to be nervous, anxious, and exhausted. There is a saying, ‘Two hours before midnight is worth ten after.’ To improve your fertility, continue to sleep no later than 10 p.m. and for seven to eight hours. If you’re not used to it, it will take some time, but you’ll note how much better you’ll be for it.

Locate a clinic

It can be difficult to know where to begin with so many clinics available. Internet is mostly used as a first resort, but it can also return an excessive number of queries. Choosing a facility close to home or work reduces travel time and expenses, which can help to relieve stress at anxious moments.

You will learn as you continue reading — what you should consider about a fertility center.

  • Success rates are significant, but they can be difficult to compare and would not provide you with a reliable success rate that is customized to you. This suggests that if a clinic has success rates that are comparable to or higher than the average, you can keep them in your tank. Orion IVF is a highly recognized IVF center in Pune which has adept specialists and state-of-the-art technology that can help couples to start their dream family.
  • Price would be the next thing to consider, and this can be a tough one yet again. What is included vary significantly between clinics — so look for packages that contain all effective steps required for fertility care. At our center we provide a highly comprehensive level of treatment option for couples needing fertility treatment.
  • You will most likely be considering a couple of clinics — and how you narrow them down to one will be the most important factor yet. You have to find a clinic whose culture aligns with what you believe you require in this process. Orion Hospital is an all-in-one fertility care clinic where diagnosis, investigation, and treatment are all handled within a set deadline. Orion also spends heavily on our strict commitment to standards and consistency. It also strictly adheres to the guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

If you can complete as many of the above steps when in lockdown — you can save some of the valuable time. We would be able to notify you to schedule in-person inquiries or to order your prescription to begin your period.Orion Hospital is the best infertility clinic in Pune. The best gynecologists in Wakad— from our center are ready for your care. At our center, the best IVF specialists in Pune are ready at your service.We provide world-class IVF treatment in Wakad, Pune.

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