If you want to preserve your fertility, ORION is the best IVF center in waked for you. In female cancer survivors, the best way to preserve their fertility is to freeze their eggs before treatment for cancer is started. Women who have gone through cancer treatment have a high risk of complications in pregnancy after the treatment with frozen eggs or donor eggs as compared to normal females. But still, the attempt should be made to preserve fertility.

Cancer surgeries can result in the removal of the reproductive organs which are important and are needed in pregnancy. Certain cancer treatments change the hormone levels and cause damage to the female reproductive system. In such cases, some females either lose their fertility temporarily or sometimes can lose it permanently. However, some of them can take a step to preserve their fertility so that they can try to have children later in life. For these world-class facilities, ORION is the best IVF clinic in waked.

You can take a step to preserve your fertility, and this is possible with proper guidance and treatment. . We need to be sure about the treatment and understand it properly with its risks and chances of successful fertility outcome later in life. The success of any fertility treatment depends on the overall condition of the patient, her age, and the type of cancer she has. Also, we should understand that no method works 100%. For all these world-class facilities ORION is best fertility centre in waked.

What is Egg Donation

Egg donation is a process in which one healthy donor gives her eggs to a recipient whohas exhausted her ovarian reserve. The most common reasons for poor egg reserve are increased age or premature ovarian failure. The quality of the egg decline due to increased in age and after 37 it goes down significantly.

Who should go for donor eggs?

  • Couples with poor quality of eggs but are ready for a biological child by using male sperm.
  • Women who have an intact uterus but no ovaries.
  • Women with some genetic factors that they do not want to pass on to their children
  • Women above 40 age or over

Egg Donation Requirements–Egg donors undergo psychological and medical screening, which includes a thorough medical history, physical exam, and ovarian reserve assessment to determine if she is likely to be a good donor candidate. Egg donors are healthy young women, usually between ages 21 and 30. Orion is best test tube center in waked and nearby area to give you a successful result with donor eggs.

Egg Donation Process

Hormone injections are given to the egg donor to induce ovulation of multiple eggs. These injections induce multiple egg development simultaneously as compared to just one egg development in a natural cycle. Once the eggs are mature and ready for retrieval, her fertility doctor schedules the procedure. The lab will attempt to fertilize several eggs in a laboratory using the recipient’s partner’s sperm or selected donor sperm. This process is in called Vitro fertilization (IVF). With the best gynecologists and IVF consultants available, Orion is best IVF centre in Waked and Pimpri, Chinchwad area for such procedures.

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