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In most IVF treatment or ICSI treatment cycles, ovary stimulation is done to ensure the proper production of high-quality eggs. After fertilization and embryo culture, only the best embryos are sent for transfer. Around 50% of couples have a surplus amount of embryos for transfer, most of which are frozen or stored.

Women suffering from fertility issues or who do not want a child at the moment prefer freezing the embryo using donor sperm or partner’s sperm. These embryos are frozen in the laboratory and saved for future usage. Doctors at Orion IVF have been offering concentrated and careful embryo freezing services to meet the needs of the clients.

What is embryo freezing?
Embryo freezing refers to the process of creating embryos in the laboratory and freezing the selected ones using updated vitrification technique (referred to as fat freezing). These are stored for further usage.

Frozen embryos are one of the best ways to preserve fertility. The good quality embryos that are fit for transfer are frozen. After the woman is ready, the embryos are thawed and stored for transferring into the womb using the frozen embryo transfer technique.

Compared to frozen embryos, frozen eggs have a large success rate. With frozen embryos, women tend to have freedom when to have the baby; it also offers a successful pregnancy rate later in life even with fresher eggs.

At Orion IVF, we make sure to take care of your health. Hence, we carry out a number of treatments. Based on your consent, you will be given any IVF treatment you are comfortable with.

How do people create frozen embryos?
Before freezing the embryos, creation is necessary. At Orion IVF, depending on the quality of eggs, the doctor will fertilize the egg.

You will be given the required hormonal injections to boost the ovulation procedure. Next to that, women will be put on fertility medications to increase the number and quality of eggs. Once the eggs are produced, doctors at Orion IVF will extract the eggs using ultrasound machines to determine the accuracy.

If you wish to freeze the embryo, the embryologist will monitor the development of the embryo (fertilized egg) for around six days. After fertilization, based on the requirement, one embryo will be used, and the others will be frozen.

How long can the embryos be frozen?
Based on the reports, there have been successful pregnancy examples through frozen embryos that have been stored for ten years. Nonetheless, this may vary depending on the law of the country.

At Orion IVF, we follow the laws set by the Government of India and will store the eggs up to the prescribed term. Embryo freezing is a comparatively expensive procedure, and so you can keep a check to determine how long you can store it.

Who should go for embryo freezing?
Before carrying out embryo freezing, the doctors at Orion IVF will examine you for the underlying medical conditions, especially infertility issues. Based on your result, further treatment will be carried out.

Embryo freezing can be beneficial for the following people
&null; People who may be put under chemotherapy
&null; People with genetic disorders disturbing reproduction
&null; Same-sex or LGBTQ+ couples
&null; People under medications that may cause fertility issues

What does the embryo transfer cycle involve?
Frozen embryo transfer cycles are easy and simple. In most cases, the natural cycle of the women is monitored through ultrasound to check the development of the uterus lining and ovulation cycle. Also, depending on your medical history, the woman may be put under a controlled period. You will be given treatment depending on your medical condition.

What is the success rate of frozen embryos?
Although you might have heard that frozen embryos do not deliver the result as that of fresh embryos, these are just myths. Frozen embryos are successful and can last a long time. At Orion IVF, our embryologists have delivered exemplary successful rates.

Orion IVF ensures maintain anonymity. Embryo freezing may be slightly expensive due to the different processes involved. To know more about the pricing and success rate, you may book an initial appointment with our doctors.

Our doctors will evaluate your fertility and medical history and provide the result accordingly. To know more about embryo freezing, you can schedule an appointment with our doctors.

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