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The satisfaction and happiness the couples experience when they become guardians is the thing that persuades Dr. Parag Hitnalikar the best IVF specialists in Pune, to endeavor hard and help an ever-increasing number of couples with richness issues understand their fantasy. In his mission to help numerous patients from varying backgrounds, the IVF cost in Pune at his centers is reasonable.

In Pune, Dr. Parag hitlinkar counsels at Orion Hospital Bloom IVF Center, Babies and Us Fertility IVF, and ICSI Center, Dr. Parag hitlinkar has not restricted himself to treating patients in Pune just; Bloom IVF Group has nine focuses all over India. His IVF facilities are appraised as the best places for a-list treatment and sensible IVF treatment cost in Pune

This has almost become a fashion to advertise specific packages for IVF treatment. But there are a lot of variables in the treatments. starting from age of the female, as age increases more injections are required for the stimulation phase of IVF. More so, different varieties of injections are required. even the number of days the injections are required varies from patient to patient. few patients during a phase of monitoring require more blood tests and stenographies which may increase the cost. There are different types of gonadotropin injections and different protocols used for each patient depending upon age, ovarian egg count, the period of infertility, the weight of the patient, and so on.

Furthermore, the processing of eggs and sperms to form embryos is also different for each patient. Few patients may require IVF, few may require ICSI, few may require IMSI. embryo transfer may be done on day 2, day 3, or day 5 depending on the number and quality of embryos. So few embryos may require more days for a culture which affects the cost.

The cost of IVF also depends on which chemicals, disposables, types of equipment we use, and what is the lab standards, experience of doctors, embryologists,s and supporting staff. Hence it’s almost impossible for IVF to be done in a set package. And if it is tried to be done in a specific package, it will surely affect the quality of treatment and medications. So at Orion IVF we follow the following procedure to give an estimate to the patient Cost of IVF When the patient comes to us 1 first we take a detailed medical history of couple 2 we do complete physical examination and sonography 3 We run necessary lab tests 4 We come to a plan as to what treatments, medication and IVF lab procedures are needed 5Then we give an estimate to patient As all patients and their medical condition and treatment required is different, cost of IVF treatment varies from patient to patient

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