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Simply placed, it takes four ingredients to create a baby: an embryo, a sperm, a womb to develop in, and a family to call home. You have the final component, but you need a place for your baby to develop, which is why you’re here. Surrogacy allows people who are unable to bear a baby to have a child.

It is a formal agreement under which the intended parents and the surrogate mother agreed to become pregnant, bring the baby to term, give birth to a child or children, and then sign the child or children back to the biological parents. Surrogacy enables couples and people of various cultures, genders, and sexual orientations to start a family. Surrogacy is an emotional and fulfilling journey to parenthood. Intended parents place their confidence in not only their gestational carrier but also in their surrogacy agency. The latest surrogacy bill passed in parliament applies to all surrogacy.

People Who Can Opt For Surrogacy Are :

  • Lack of a womb or a womb that would not carry a baby to term.
  • Infertility Issues: His, Hers, Or Both.
  • Severe medical condition.
  • LGBTQ couples wanting to have children.
  • Miscarriages in the past.

Surrogacy at Orion IVF

At Orion IVF, we conduct the medical procedures needed for surrogacy and provide you and your surrogate with the medically appropriate contact and coordination. Those interested in surrogacy at Orion IVF are requested to visit us and we can guide you through all the process with professional ease and accuracy.

Process Overview

Surrogates Screening 

Verification: The surrogate mother must include all original records about her identity, age, address, marital status, husband’s name, gestational parity, children, and so on. The surrogate mother will undergo a background check at the same time.

Medical: The surrogate mother is subjected to inquiries (surrogate screening tests) as directed to be accepted into our surrogacy program. Medical therapy is provided to clarify the anticipated and unintended pregnancy complications.

Contractually: The lawyer personally outlines the child’s interests, contractual commitments, and the consequences of failure to fulfill any clause in the vocabulary that she and her husband understand. For her interpretation, the document is signed in two languages: English and Marathi / Hindi.

Financial: Financial terms, pay-out plan, incentive payables, and commitments, if any, are all explained by the financial staff. We make certain that the financial agreement is outlined to her satisfaction and signed off on in a way that is satisfactory to all parties.

Psychological: Surrogate mothers are psychologically evaluated by a counselor to determine their emotional preparedness, contribution to the initiative, and any associated past traumas.

Our surrogacy process has the following benefits:

  • High rate of success.
  • Medical Facilities of the Highest Standard.
  • Practices that are both ethical and well-known.
  • There are a variety of excellent tested egg donors available.
  • A large number of caring surrogate mothers are available to assist.
  • We listen to our intended parents and respond to their wishes.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Throughout the procedure, legal arrangements and counseling are provided.
  • A full spectrum of fertility treatments with the highest success rate possible.

Bottom Line

Surrogacy is one of the most common assisted reproduction methods for conceiving a child; it is the preferred method of having a child. While there are a variety of procedures available to cure infertility, surrogacy is the best option. Surrogacy is generally determined by the cause of the couple’s infertility – often, surrogacy is preferred by intended parents if the woman has a serious uterine condition – or the female has undertaken uterus removal surgery (hysterectomy). Surrogacy is a reproductive procedure in which prospective parents undergo the administrations of a pregnant mother, who conveys the child for nine months or until the infant reaches maturity. As part of the agreement, the pregnant mother relinquishes all parental rights and promises to hand over the infant after a successful birth. Surrogacy is undeniably a difficult and time-consuming process.

At Orion IVF, Surrogacy, and other fertility treatments are offered at the best prices, with the highest success rate for couples. The clinic’s entire staff is adept and proficient, with the senior IVF specialist having over ten years of experience providing the best IVF treatment in Wakad, Pune with the best satisfactory results.

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