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IVF is known as In vitro fertilization. When couples with no child, adopt this advance technology to have a healthy foetus. During this IVF process, mature eggs are collected from a woman’s ovaries andare fertilized, in lab with the help of sperms. These fertilized egg are called embryos, whichare then transferred to the uterus of the female. This cycle of IVF takes about 1 to 3 months time. This processmay takes long as the process is split into different parts depend upon the circumstances.

Why IVF ? IVF is done to help childless couples to have child, or for a women to become pregnant. It is also used in various other case of infertility that may include higher age of women, fallopian tubes blockages, any prior reproductive surgery, or inflammatory disease of pelvic etc.

ORION aims to give best treatments in IVF that helps couples with the latest technology to start family. We givequality medical services to the couples wanting to be guardians by usingevidence based therapies with the most recent advances in clinical innovation.

ORION is one of the best IVF Centre in Pune and is a absolute one stop solution for couples with a thoroughly specified attention to infertility treatments. Orion is a ‘one-stop’ and all in one fertility care clinic, where consultation, investigation, and treatment is taken care of during the short time. Likewise, Orion alsoinvests wholeheartedly in our exacting adherence to norms and quality. It also tirelessly follows the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) rules.

Orion has distinctive approach and empathyhelp for couples all through the treatment of IVF and  that is the reason why OrionIVF is best in Pune.The staff and doctors are equipped with fundamental capabilities, experience, and intensivecomprehension of reproductive medication and also they have best gynaecologist in Pune. In Orion, all the treatments and procedures are to provide a viable solution for every patient. Most importantly,all this procedure provide complete privacy and respect for patients comfort at our centre.

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