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As men and women continue to experience serious infertility challenges throughout the world, modern times have seen the unexpected emergence of a myriad of infertility instances. Infertility difficulties affect males just as much as they do women. As a result, couples have the choice of choosing several forms of fertility treatment based on their individual infertility problem. Whereas most women under the age of 35 enjoy a smooth pregnancy with careful planning, individuals who suffer from infertility have a difficult time conceiving and must resort to IVF in order to have a child.

IVF has become the most popular infertility treatment since it promises to address the majority of conception complications and couples who undertake it have a better possibility of conceiving given the fact that they will not suffer severe infertility issues. And although normal conception is feasible for women under the age of 35, it is always recommended to undergo IVF treatment if you have any doubts about your infertility. IVF is the first treatment option that comes to mind for couples looking for a medical answer to their inability to conceive.

The methods of IVF treatment have evolved tremendously over the years in response to the evolution of technology in order to assist more and more couples in achieving pregnancy despite their various or serious infertility issues. The age of the patient is one of the most important elements that help a couple to choose whether IVF is the right choice for them. The age at which you attempt to conceive with IVF has a considerable influence on the likelihood and time with which you achieve the desired results. Other reasons to consider IVF include fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count, damaged fallopian tubes, poor sperm morphology, erectile dysfunction, and so on.

The Age of the Patient

Women have a reproductive age when they have by far the most ovarian reserve and generate the finest egg quality. It is well known that a woman’s proclivity to produce healthy eggs reduces as she grows older. According to the ICMR guidelines, the maximum age at which a woman is eligible to have IVF treatment and, as a consequence, achieve the best outcomes is 50 years. However, below this age, the odds of success continue to dwindle with each passing year. Women in their twenties, for example, have the best chances of conceiving, but women aged 30-35 still have a reasonable chance.

Every woman is supposed to have up to three lakh eggs at birth, which continue to drop as she gets older. Those beyond the age of 35 or 40 are more likely to be infertile than women under this age bracket. As a result, the right age for IVF is generally below 35, but depending on the condition of the woman and the circumstances, the definition of the right age can be altered because fertility is achievable even at a late age when you receive the assistance of skilled fertility specialists and the best fertility clinic. 

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