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At our IVF Fertility Center in Pune, we know that treating infertility requires a full-circle approach. The IVF specialists and staff of IVF fertility center in Pune are a dedicated team of professionals who truly want the best outcome for you. Orion IVF Center Pune is an IVF fertility center in Pune that blends a visionary approach to personalizing fertility care with the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies.

If you are searching for Best IVF Center in Pune, then Orion IVF Center Pune is the right place for you! Dr. Parag Hitnalikar is one of the reputed and affordable IVF Specialist Doctors in Pune. the best IVF Center in Pune with a highly accomplished team of IVF specialists, embryologists, and support staff. At our IVF Center in Pune, we know that IVF Treatment requires a full-circle approach. The IVF specialists and staff of the IVF center in Pune are a dedicated team of professionals who truly want to turn your hope into happiness.

The Orion IVF centerr in Pune provides comprehensive infertility services with warm care and counseling. Orion IVf centre is a ivf fertility center in Pune that blends a visionary approach to personalizing fertility care with the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies. Orion IVF Center Pune is the most trusted IVF Center in Pune. Our treatment is delivered in a professional and caring environment by a team of IVF Specialist doctor in Pune

The best IVF doctors in Pune are playing an impactful role in helping couples achieving pregnancy with the help of IVF treatments in Pune. Orion IVF Center in Pune analyzes patient problems and offer them the most proper treatment. The Orion IVF Center in Pune ventures to provide the best IVF treatments to patients who require infertility treatments at an affordable cost. The services available at the IVF fertility center in Pune are treatments related to male and female infertility.

Pregnancy is the best stage for any lady. In any case, because of certain conditions, some can’t appreciate the joy of bearing a kid. Accuse the way of life and frenzied timetable, infertility has gotten extremely regular among couples. But you can easily figure out the solution once you come to know about the IVF facility of Orion IVF center in Pune.

Orion IVF center Pune is the best IVF center in Pune, India. Orion IVF has grasped the most recent technologies with the goal that each couple can appreciate the excellence of parenthood. The technologies that can control stress, time, and side effects at the same time, thus ensuring the best possible success rate in the field of IVF. It is the only IVF Center in Pune that provides the treatment after gaining pure insight into the patient’s medical history.

IVF stands for In vitro fertilization and it is conducted in a laboratory. In this procedure, the woman’s eggs are removed from her ovaries and furthermore fertilized with the man’s sperm. The embryos that are formed are then put into the woman’s uterus for pregnancy.IVF cycles are done with all the facilities under one roof by the best IVF Specialist Doctor in Pune. This is the reason we have the highest IVF success rate in western India. All the advanced technologies such as ICSI, rapid vitrification, blastocyst transfer, embryo hatching are available at our IVF center in Pune. All this at a very reasonable cost.

What is IVF?

Many couples have a problem with conception. The problem may lie in either male partner, the female partner or both. The issues may be physical, psychological, social or anatomical. We carefully take the patient history and investigate the couple thoroughly so as to come to a proper diagnosis. Then in selected couples, we start the IVF cycle.

In IVF treatment, the main idea is to make embryos outside the body and put them back in the uterus. This is done by first giving hormonal injections to the female for egg development. Then the eggs are taken out and fertilized with the husband’s semen. The resultant embryos are then transferred to the uterus. We come to know about the result in two week’s time after embryo transfer.

IVF represents In vitro treatment and it is led in a research center. lady’s eggs are expelled from her ovaries and moreover prepared with the man’s sperm. The undeveloped egg that is framed is then placed into the lady’s uterus for pregnancy. Numerous couples have an issue with origination. The issue may lie in either the male accomplice, the female accomplice or both. The issues might be physical, mental, social or anatomical.

Orion IVF Center Pune Cautiously takes the patient’s history and explores the couple completely in order to go to an appropriate conclusion. At that point in chosen couples, the IVF cycle is started. In IVF treatment, the fundamental thought is to make undeveloped eggs outside the body and set them back in the uterus. This is finished by first giving hormonal infusions to the female for egg advancement. At that point, the eggs are taken out and treated with the spouse’s semen. The resultant undeveloped eggs are then moved to the uterus. We come to think about the outcome in fourteen day’s time after an incipient egg move.

What preparation is needed before IVF is started 

Before beginning IVF, women will first undergo ovarian reserve testing. This involves taking a blood sample and testing it for the level of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). The results of this test will give your doctor information about the size and quality of your eggs. Your doctor will also examine your uterus. This may involve doing an ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your uterus. Your doctor may also insert a scope through your vagina and into your uterus. These tests can reveal the health of your uterus and help the doctor determine the best way to implant the embryos. Men will need to have sperm testing. This involves giving a semen sample, which a lab will analyze for the number, size, and shape of the sperm. If the sperm are weak or damaged, a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be necessary. During ICSI, a technician injects sperm directly into the egg. ICSI can be part of the IVF process. Steps in the IVF cycle IVF cycle is a meticulously planned and executed process. Each step in very important and should be done with utmost care so that we get a successful result. Any miscalculation or error in these steps can lead to a sub optimum result.

1. Selection of the patient.

Not all patients are suitable for IVF treatment. Although there are ways to treat almost any patient, the treatment differs for each patient. Unless the patient is selected properly and the plan of treatment is individualized for the patient, we may face problems with the outcome.

2. Hormonal injections

Once the selection of the patient is done, the next step is to retrieve eggs from the female partner. For IVF we need multiple eggs because all eggs can not form embryos. Few eggs are not mature, few eggs are poor in quality. Furthermore, all embryos formed are not good enough to give a healthy pregnancy. So the idea is to get as many embryos as possible and then select good embryos to transfer.

For this, the female partner is given gonadotropin injections on a daily basis for around 10 to 12 days. These injections will form multiple eggs in both the ovaries. During the course of injections, serial monitoring is done with ultrasonography and blood tests.

3. Egg retrieval

Once the eggs are developed to a certain stage, we plan to collect the eggs. In this process, the patient is admitted to the hospital for a daycare procedure. This procedure is done under general anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain. Under sonographic guidance, the eggs are retrieved through the vagina. There is no cut or stitches in this procedure. These eggs are then handed over to the embryologist for further processing.

4. Fertilization of eggs

Once the embryologist gets the eggs, she processes the eggs further to make embryos. For that, the egg and sperm should mate. This mating is done in the laboratory by either IVF or ICSI procedure. If the sperm sample is good enough, we go for IVF and with poor sperm sample or for other indications, we go for ICSI. After the procedure, we keep the embryos in incubators for their growth and development.

 5. Transfer of the embryo

The best appearing embryos are then selected for a transfer. The embryos are transferred with the help of a catheter or small tube through the cervix and then into the uterus. Though women might experience mild cramping, this procedure doesn’t need anesthesia.

 6. Post transfer care

After the embryo transfer is done, certain medicines and injections are prescribed to the patient. She is advised regarding the diet, medicines, and activities. We come to know the result in 12 to 14 days with a blood test. We advise regarding further course of action depending upon the blood test report.

Who can get benefits from the IVF process?

Orion IVF fertility center in Pune provides the best facility both for men and women. Orion has the best specialist doctors in Pune that ensure the success of this complex process.

Why choose Orion IVF Center in Pune?
  • A pioneering team of IVF specialists
  • Work experience of 10 years with more than 7000 IVF cases !!!
  • The success rate of 50-70%
  • Dr. Parag Hitnalikar (chief consultant) awarded as the best IVF specialist in Pune.
  • Highly advanced IVF laboratory with the latest types of equipment
  • The utmost care and transparency is our moto

Who can undertake IVF treatment?

  • Patients with blocked fallopian tubes
  • Male infertility
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Endometriosis

IVF is prescribed by Orion IVF Center in Pune under these conditions-

  • Tubal factors such as blocked or damaged tubes
  • Endometriosis
  • Persistent anovulation or PCOS
  • Male factor infertility
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Certain genetic diseases
  • Poor ovarian reserve

IVF is unlikely to be successful in

  • Severe endometrial disease
  • Severe semen abnormality
  • Small or absent uterus
  • Serious medical disorder in female
  • Premature ovarian failure with self eggs.

Success Rate for IVF

The likelihood of progress with IVF medications relies on various variables, for example, the age of the lady, the reason for fruitlessness, the nature of eggs recovered and the nature of the semen. Also, the achievement rates are commonly answered by the lady’s age since as a lady gets more established, the IVF achievement rates go down if she’s utilizing her own eggs.

When should one get the result of the IVF cycle?

Pregnancy happens when the undeveloped egg inserts itself in the uterine divider. This can take 6 to 10 days. A blood test will decide whether you’re pregnant. It takes around four to about a month and a half to finish one pattern of IVF. You need to trust that your eggs will develop.

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