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Sperm Freezing

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Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is a simple and direct cure for a variety of fertility-related issues. The most popular method for men to protect their fertility is to freeze and store a sperm sample, also known as sperm banking or cryopreservation. Unlike the procedure that women go through to freeze their eggs or embryos, freezing sperm is short and simple, readily available, and inexpensive. Many medical therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation, may harm sperm production. Before seeking medical attention, some men want to freeze their sperm.

What Is Sperm Freezing?

Sperm freezing, also known as cryopreservation, is the freezing and storage of sperm or human ejaculate. Sperm samples are obtained, processed, and frozen before being deposited in a sperm bank.

Usually, sperm is obtained at home or a fertility clinic. Here’s all you might do if you’re concerned about freezing your sperm. Before submitting a sample, you are normally asked to withhold from all sexual activity for 48 hours. You can take the sample at home and ship it to a sperm bank plant, where it will be frozen and preserved. Alternatively, you can visit a fertility center, where the sperm sample will be checked for purity, mobility, and quantity before being frozen and deposited at our sperm bank.

Orion Hospital provides full sperm freezing services to our clients. We ensure that we take complete precautions and keep a close eye on the operation. Contact us now to have your sperm frozen.

Why Would You Freeze Sperm?

There are several reasons why anyone would like to freeze their sperm. For example, if the pair are planning to move during their partner’s prime fertile period, they may freeze their sperm to use during ovulation while their partner is abroad.

People with severe low sperm counts may need to store their sperm for fertility procedures such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), or intrauterine insemination (IUI). If they have difficulty obtaining a sample, or if there is no sperm in the ejaculate, a specialist can surgically extract sperm from the testicles, which can then be frozen and used for a fertility procedure.

People who are diagnosed with cancer may also want to freeze their sperm before beginning cancer therapies — which can affect sperm production.

Male reproductive systems, like female reproductive systems, have a biological clock. Sperm count and content also decline with age. That is, after the age of 40, the likelihood of male infertility increases, and the DNA quality of sperm declines — increasing the possibility of pregnancy complications and developmental disorders.



The clinic or sperm bank will ask you to ejaculate into a sterile jar supplied by them. If you do this at home rather than at the facility, you will usually have an hour to send the sample to the lab.


Your sperm will be cleaned and evaluated to ensure that it is viable. Sperm count, motility (the ability of the sperm to swim), and structure will all be registered. In addition, you will be examined for infectious diseases.


Your sperm will be combined in a special solvent to shield it from contamination before being separated into several tubes. This allows you to thaw smaller batches of sperm at various points in the future.


In a liquid nitrogen holding tank, the samples will be frozen for potential use. The amount of time a laboratory can keep your sperm varies, and sperm kept for more than 20 years has been successfully used. You and your specialist will talk about storage time and arrangements if you decide not to use your samples.

Benefits of Sperm Freezing

Read on to learn more about sperm freezing and its potential benefits:


Cryopreservation is a deliberate, reliable, and efficient procedure. Cryopreservation methods have slowly advanced since sperm was first frozen and used to establish a pregnancy in 1953.  While not all sperm survives the freezing and thawing process, millions of sperm are normally released in each sample, so the likelihood of getting sufficiently healthy sperm is excellent.


In comparison to more intensive female fertility maintenance treatments, sperm freezing is fairly simple and uncomplicated. Sperm is extracted from ejaculated semen and preserved for use in subsequent fertility therapies such as IVF (IVF)


Unlike female fertility preservation treatments, which can cost hundreds of thousands of rupees, freezing sperm is a far more inexpensive solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Orion Hospital?

We agree that sperm storage should be affordable for everyone, and we provide the most affordable service in the sector. Through our most devoted support staff, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

Our at-home sperm freezing kit has been meticulously prepared and fulfills industry requirements. Our safety medium will hold the sample alive during hourly transport to our lab. We inspect the sample before storing — to ensure that it passes our strict requirements.

As the single most effective team in Wakad dedicated exclusively to infertility problems, we put a lot of effort into ensuring that your sperm is safely and reliably kept with us before you need it.

Sperm freezing provides men with the assurance that they will have a greater chance of raising children in the future. If you want to understand more about your fertility preservation options? Contact the best fertility center in Wakad, Orion Hospital, today.

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