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Orion Hospital the best test tube baby center in Pune with a high success rate of pregnancy. Orion Test Tube Baby Center is the most prominent choice of getting your dream alive. We offer Test Tube Baby treatment in a safe, friendly and well-managed environment. Orion Hospital has a very economical Test Tube Cost in Pune.

At the Orion hospital and test-tube baby center in Pune, Dr. Parag Hitnalikar provides the Ultra Modern Test Tube baby treatment at economical prices in a comfortable atmosphere Orion Test Tube Baby Center in Pune, we have our own IVF Laboratory and research center. We consistently put our time into research to develop and understand new Test Tube Baby treatments.

The objective of the Orion IVF Pune is to provide quality Test Tube Baby Treatment in Pune specialized tailored made fertility and gynecological services to every individual couple on par with western standards.

Being a woman it’s very important to have a child. Every woman has a dream to get pregnant and has the feeling of being the mother of a child but because of some problem, they can’t get pregnant. However, there is an amazing solution for all the woman wants to get pregnant but somehow they can’t. There is Orion test-tube baby center in Pune, which will help you in getting pregnant by scientific technology.

What Is a Test Tube Baby?

Test-tube baby is the method of conceiving the babies outside the woman’s body in the laboratory via the scientific technology of IVF that stands for in-vitro Fertilization.

What is the preparation needed for test tube baby treatment?

The helping reproductive techniques have become most popular. All the infertile couples, as well as individuals who want to become a parent, are looking for the help of these types to have their biological child. The simple methods are IVF or test tube baby, IUI, surrogacy, sperm donation, egg donation, etc.

There are Orion test tube baby centers in Pune that Introduce fertilized eggs in the female uterus: once the embryo is developed beneath the careful consideration of the fertility professional in the laboratory, after that the developed embryo will transfer it to the female’s uterus. Not simply one, two, or three, and more than those embryos are carried by a fine catheter.

Therefore, test tube baby treatment is a pleasure or immeasurable for those who just dreamt of having their biological child but couldn’t have it. The method or process does not produce any problem as well as much pain. It necessitates more mental preparation than physical preparation.

The incidence of infertility has gone significantly up and ranges from 10-14% of the reproductive group population. Many factors including the age of marriage, lifestyle, pollution and chemicals, tubal diseases, sperm problems are responsible for increasing infertility day by day. It is not just the incidence of infertility but the severity of infertility is also increasing; for example in certain pockets of India, where chemical and leather factories are there, the semen abnormalities are significantly high, and also the abnormalities are quite serious than other parts of India. What are the options left with a couple who is facing prolonged infertility not amenable to regular treatment? Probably the only option left is IVF.

Test tube baby is a misnomer as the process of IVF is not done in test tubes.

In this process first, the female patient is stimulated with gonadotropin injections so as to produce multiple follicles in the ovary. This is followed by a small surgery that involves taking the eggs out from the ovaries. This is achieved by inserting a long needle through the vagina into ovaries & aspirating the follicles under anesthesia.

Once we get the eggs, we take the partner’s semen to fertilize the eggs in Petri dishes and keep them in incubators. The resultant embryos formed are then inserted in the uterus which implants in the womb and pregnancy is achieved.

In the process of test-tube baby, most of the work the egg and sperm have to do in the uterus is done in the laboratory. The embryos formed are grown maximum of up to 5 days. So in effect rest of the pregnancy after 5 days of growth is essentially like any other normal pregnancy.

Many couples are apprehensive that since it is an artificial process, are the babies born out of test-tube baby normal or not? The babies born are absolutely normal and the chances of any abnormality in a baby are equal to any other normal pregnancy.

With the fast lifestyle, lack of patience as well as career obstacles probably test tube baby is a boon for couples suffering from infertility.

Orion may recommend test tube baby treatment if:

Test-tube baby is a treatment that helps in conceiving the babies. it helps when the couple who are incapable to conceive a baby via the normal course. Male as well as females, both can take test tube baby treatment. It is needed in various medical situations, like:

A Female 

• When the fallopian tube of women gets Blocked.

• When women are suffering from severe endometriosis.

• When a woman has Difficulties in ovaries or uterus.

• When a woman is of advanced age.

For A Male

• When a man is having low sperm count as well as low motility.

• when a man has Unexplained Infertility and the other issues

• When a man is suffering from other fertilization issues.

Who can get benefits from test tube baby treatment?

 1. Overcoming Infertility: IVF offers an infertile spouse the opportunity to conceive a child of their own.

 2. Blocked Tubes: IVF offers the best chance of conceiving a child using their own eggs.

 3. Unexplained Infertility: one in six spouses suffers from fertility problems and more often than not, these remain unorganized.

 4. Premature Ovarian Failure: women suffering from premature ovarian failure stop getting their periods, which prevents pregnancy.

 What is the achievement rate of test tube baby treatment in Pune?

There is a 40 percent of chances to get pregnant. In fact, the real, as well as the birth rate of the IVF achievement for females under 35 who start an IVF cycle in this age. Nevertheless, females above the age of 42 or 40 have a 4 percent chance to get an achievement rate in IVF treatment. More IVF achievement determinants to consider involves whether or not they were pregnant before.

• Smokers necessitate higher dosages of fertility drugs to excite their ovaries

• Smokers have lower implantation rates than nonsmokers

• Women who smoke necessitate almost double as multiple IVF attempts

• Women who smoke as well as take anything which harms experience more failed fertilization cycles.

The center you opt to perform the IVF treatment can greatly affect your IVF success. Factors to think about when reviewing the success rate of fertility centers include:

1. The training and experience of the IVF clinic and staff

2. The live birth rate per IVF cycles begun

3. The rate of patients pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets or more)

4. The laboratory utilized by the clinic as well as the requirements of their staff

5. The kinds of patients received at the clinic, also particularly their age as well as the fertility problem

Why Choose Orion IVF Pune for Test Tube Baby Treatment in Pune

Orion is one of the test-tube baby centers in Pune, which provide their best IVF and test tube baby treatment at the best test-tube baby cost in Pune. They believe in providing satisfactory treatments to all their clients and make them happy with this.


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