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Chief Embryologist Shrikant Patil

Undergone IVF training at “Leelamed ART Services”, Pune.
Trained Embryologists & Doctors regarding Assisted Reproductive Techniques &
Procedures related to them at “Leelamed ART Services”, Pune.
Attended International conference on IVF as a Faculty in Apr-2018 held at Dhaka,
Expert In Semen Qualitative Analysis, Semen Cryopreservation & Thawing, Semen processing with different techniques, Sperm Vitality Testing , Sperm DFI, Dish Preparation, Ovum Pick Up , Denudation , ICSI / IVF , IMSI, Embryo Assessment & Grading, Embryo Transfer, Laser Assisted Hatching , Embryo Vitrification & Thawing, Oocyte Vitrification & Thawing, Familiar with Primo Vision Timelapse System, Testicular Biopsy, TESA, MESA, PESA , IVF LAB QA & QC, Stock Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance , Cryobank Maintenance , Record Keeping And IVF LAB Set Up.

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