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In vitro fertilization (IVF) would ideally be conducted using the prospective parents’ eggs and sperm. However, if there is no male partner or if the male partner has severe fertility issues, IVF with donor sperm could be advised. Getting a sperm donor is also much convenient than getting an egg donor. However, this does not decide to choose a sperm donor a quick one. Then again, you’ll be selecting half of your child’s DNA, so if there was ever a time to be picky, this is the one. There are also ethical and emotional issues to consider.

You have chosen Orion Hospital for guidance on one of the most critical choices you’ll ever make — we’re honored to work with you to make your vision a reality. The progress we’ve achieved in infertility treatments and sperm bank services attests to the importance we place on the process; every element is essential in accomplishing that you have the best chance of success.

Here are some things to consider when searching for a sperm donor.

What Exactly Is a Sperm Donor?

A sperm donor is a person who intends to donate his sperm to a woman or couple who is planning to conceive. According to Indian law’s, sperm donors identity is kept anonymous.

Selecting a sperm donor is a serious and time-consuming decision. At Orion Hospital, we first lay a stable basis upon which you can make your decision, and that framework is based on our rigorous, industry-leading donor sperm screening procedure.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate To Use a Sperm Donor?

In the case of heterosexual partners, if a male partner is infertile, the couples would then attempt to use a sperm donor, although this is seldom the first-line choice since sperm problems may be resolved with in-vitro fertilization. Same-sex female partners or single women may opt to use a sperm donor.

What Is The Sperm Donation Procedure?

We take the semen samples from recognized sperm banks.  Men who wish to become sperm donors must be screened for several genetic and health conditions.

  • A full family and medical history must be provided by the sperm donors.
  • They must be screened for genetic disorders.
  • The donors must be tested for mental health problems.
  • Donors are also required to be tested for transmittable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • The quality of a donor’s sperm must be measured, which may take time.

Sperm Donation and IVF

When multiple IUI attempts have failed to result in a baby, or if other female causes occur, IVF with sperm donation could be suggested.

If a sperm specimen is frozen, embryologists will examine it. If the sperm concentration and motility are weak, the specialist may suggest thawing a second vial or performing ICSI and injecting sperm directly into the eggs.

In cases of severe male factor infertility, donor sperm can also be used as an alternative. Under such cases, a urologist will first attempt to extract sperm from the male partner’s testicle surgically. In rare instances where the retrieved sperm is inadequate to inseminate the partner’s eggs, the specialist may consider having donor sperm on hand as an alternative.

Benefits of a Sperm Donor

For Women:

Any woman and couple will benefit from sperm donation in order to achieve their hope of raising a child.

For Men:

In severe male factor infertility, azoospermia, and repeated pregnancy failures, sperm donation may be the only option left.

At Orion Hospital, our screening process adheres to our steadfast parameters against which prospective sperm donors are assessed, and it covers everything from rigorous diagnostic tests to genetic profiling, allowing for the finest fertilization procedures in the future. To be sure, the procedure of qualifying donor sperm at Orion Hospital is intensively detailed. But all we do is uphold our reputation for excellence so that we can still have the best for our patients.

When you want to use a sperm donor to reproduce, as long as you know what you’re going into and consult with the right therapists and consultants, it can go seamlessly and be a satisfying experience for all concerned. If you have any doubts or questions, speak with our medical staff, who are prepared to support you and provide you with the details, guidance, and treatment you need.

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